17-19 Jan 2020   |   Ashford International Hotel, Kent 

The Shabbos

Three days of inspiration | 17-19 Jan | Ashford International Hotel, Kent, UK

In today’s sophisticated world, where machines take over so many of our duties, we somehow have less time than ever to connect. To Hashem. Our spouses. Our kids. Our communities.

Escape your hectic life for 3 glorious days... and discover the secrets of deep, intense connection. Ask the questions you’ve always wanted to, fill yourself with inspiration, wonder and renewed vivacity, experience life in impossible colour and meaning.



About Nafsheini

What is Nafsheini?

The world is a stressful place nowadays.

More than ever, we’re overwhelmed with the responsibilities of making ends meet, raising entitled kids, fighting the temptations from the street. In the constant frenzy of daily living, it’s hard to remember what we’re doing it all for.

Nafsheini brings people together for an unforgettable 3 days of inspiration in a luxurious setting, enabling participants to forget their hectic lifestyles for a glorious weekend, relax, tune into their souls and reconnect to their roots.  Following the success of the Keiravtuni events in America, whose first ever convention was held in 2015 (the feedback was so overwhelmingly positive that two more weekends followed in close succession),we were keen to bring the experience right here to the UK. In Nafsheini, our dream of connecting Yidden with Hashem, their families, friends and communities will finally come true. 
The event will iyh feature some of the world’s most renowned lecturers and sought after personalities, discussing exactly the kind of topics everyone is desperate to gain clarity about. Think basic Emunah to Avodos Hashem, Shalom Bayis and raising troubled teens… in 3 short, action packed days, you’ll fill your mind with the kind of wisdom that will last you a lifetime.



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